Drug Testing At Work

drug-testing-at-workFor many employers drug testing is an important and worthwhile investment in productivity and worker safety. Here are a few reasons to consider drug testing at work. Employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are:

  • involved in accidents 3.6 time more often
  • file 5 times as many compensation claims
  • are 25% to 35% less productive on drugs and alcohol
  • are absent 16 times more often
  • use 3 times more sick benefits
  • steal 4 times more often

Drug Testing At Work seeks to help employers tackle drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace by offering a range of non-invasive workplace drug testing procedures to reduce risk of accident and absenteeism due to substance misuse.

Regular, random employee drug tests are a vital component of company drug and alcohol policies. They are a key requirement for any employer if health and safety in the workplace are to remain uncompromised. Please contact us if you have any questions about workplace drug testing.

Currently we sells test kits that detect the following narcotics:

Alcohol Drugs Test (ALC)
Amphetamines Drugs Test (AMP)
Benzodiazepine Drug Test (BZD)
Cannabis Drugs Test (THC)
Cocaine Drugs Test (COC)
Ecstasy Drugs Test (MDMA)
Ketamine Drugs Test (KET)
Methdaone Drugs Test (MTD)
Methamphetamines Drugs Test (MET)
Nicotine Drugs Test (COT)
Opiates Drugs Test (Heroin & Morphine) (MOR)

These are currently available as single use, highly accurate drug tests.

We have a selection of multi parameter drug tests that will check for various combinations of drugs of abuse. Please choose the test that meets your nearest requirements.

At present we offer 5, 7 10 and 12 Drug Tests.

Click here to view our range of Multi Drug Tests.